Lithuanian Halls

"I am in love with this girl! I just met her in the bathroom after I accidentally peed on her phone"
~Patron of Lithuanian Hall, Save Your Soul Night

Every first Friday of the month from 9pm-2am, the Lithuanian Hall hosts Save Your Soul night where this underground bar and dance area serves European beers and plays old RnB and Soul music videos. I started the pre-game Friday night at my friend's house near Bolton Hill. After drinking a few Boh's and gins we meandered our way to Brewer's Art, which has a very cozy cellar area and a larger upstairs area that feels like you're in an old-timey fancy house. As I drank my Birdhouse pale ale, I ran into two Kenyans who owned Chase Wine and Spirits. I spoke to them a bit in Kiswahili, and it was hilarious to see their incredulous faces as I spoke to them in their native language and joked about village life with them.

We walked down Martin Luther King Blvd, and then turned down Hollins Street until we got to Lithuanian Hall. I absolutely loved the night by this point. I had interacted with strangers in a meaningful way, I was drunk after a week of hard work, and I was about to enter into an open-spaced basement area decorated like a Lithuanian Parlor that was playing old-time soul music with my best friends. After an Uber drive, cigarette, and being mistaken for a drug-dealer, I eventually made it back home where I passed out after a night well-lived.