A Vest

“Yup, that’ll work.”
~Homeless woman on Martin Luther King Blvd.

As I drove back from an exhausting weekend going out in DC with one of my Peace Corps friends, I passed by the homeless people begging on Martin Luther King Blvd. I keep a large bag of clothes in my car that I received from my mom before she moved to California, and from the clothes that I had accumulated during high school and college. At one point, this woman came up to my window and rolled it down. I told her that I didn’t have any money to give her, but that I would give her this vest. I saw her eyes gleam and mouth widen into a large grin. I passed the vest to her, she said thanks, and I drove off. In the rear-view mirror I saw her standing by the intersection with a huge smile on her face, showing off her new vest. I too smiled as I drove north towards Howard Street, knowing that my late grandfather’s old vest went to someone who would keep her warm just as it kept him warm.