Racing Through

“I love music so much that I don’t wanna be in a band in Baltimore.”

~Kevin, Hampden Resident

Life continues to smack me in the face with a sack of provty erbial bricks. Just when I feel like I’m starting to get used to some sort of routine, something else pops up to derail me. Already I am finding myself besieged with scheduling conflicts concerning meetings, lunches, and projects.

I biked around Remington where I stopped by: 

-St. Mary’s Catholic Community on Roland Ave. which gave me a great overlook of the WBAL TV tower

-The James W. Rouse Memorial Deck at Round Falls south of the intersection of Roland Ave. and Falls Rd.

-Graffiti Alley, at the corner of W. North St. and Howard St.

-Joe Squared, the best pizza in Baltimore at Maryland Ave. and W. North St.

Even though it was freezing, it felt so good to be biking in the morning sun and feeling so alive in such a vibrant city. The second half of the day involved me hanging out in Hamden with two old friends from high school whom I had not seen for over four years. Now this is one of the weird parts about transitioning back to life here that I have had to accept; old friends who once filled a certain role in my life have changed. I too have changed. It’s possible that an old drinking buddy no longer drinks, or that a friend who would challenge me to be more social at parties no longer likes to interact with strangers.

Sunset View from Rooftop

Sunset View from Rooftop

I-83 View from W. 41st. St. Bridge

I-83 View from W. 41st. St. Bridge

People change. While it’s nice to reminisce about old times, there comes a point where old friends have to make a choice whether or not the friendship can grow and become stronger through new experiences.